Consulting and attendance for project business, Interimsmanagement, MEDIATION and CHANGE MANAGEMENT

"panta rhei" Platon

Nowadays the change in organizations and processes is almost daily routine. Contracting to this the phases of rest for the organization do permanently shrink. In case that managers and employees are not properly involved in the process, change leads to fear, denial and passivity. The anticipated positive effects of efficiency and productivity aren't achieved - the manhunt for the scapegoat begins.

Change management is a subject which needs a long term approach and a sound concept in order to be fruitful. Too easily the top management slips into the role of a firefighter and loses it's focus in day-to-day business, rather than to implement a sustainable change, which is effective at medium and long-term. Proper Change Management begins with the clarification of the position of the middle management - their acceptance, commitment and focus on jointly accepted goals, methods and key indicators. The courage to see the real results, the honesty to acknowledge the real results and the desire to improve them are crucial for the success.

  • Stakeholder management and management coalition
  • Communication-Concepts
  • Participation and involvement of work council
  • Integration and involvement of employees
  • Development and support a Balanced-Score-Card
  • Identify non-conformity costs as cost saving potential