Consulting and attendance for project business, Interimsmanagement, MEDIATION and CHANGE MANAGEMENT

"There are always two in an argument"

The path to a successful project finish - in terms of content and finances - is often arduous and not as easily achieved, as the originally signed contracts made believe. This often leads to impediments that are far more complex than the real problem was. Unresolved interfaces, minor delays and a mostly prestressed budget lead to deadlocks that the involved parties are unable to find an easy way out of. Escalation into the hierarchy usually repeats the arguments already exchanged since the underlying contrasting motivations persist. On the other hand the parties avoid a real arbitration because of the possible relinquishment of their own positions.

You expect from your teams to achieve solutions without court. Solutions that are accepted by both sides and don't produce losers. The future customer-supplier relationship should not be permanently damaged. To achieve this, we can support quickly and unbureaucratically with a mutual treatment of the problem and it's environment. The goal is a common view of the problem, a possibly conditioned solution with face-saving for all participants and a quick return to the real target: the joint realization of the project and keeping the schedules.

  • Teambuilding in the "mixed" teams to avoid blockages
  • Mediation within the consortia, or in the event of a dispute with the customer
  • Finding compromises in case of blockades in dispute over Claims or scope of works
  • Consulting at arbitration