Consulting and attendance for project business, Interimsmanagement, MEDIATION and CHANGE MANAGEMENT

Good Project management above all is good communication

Although widely backed with substantial accruals the unidentified risks of large-scale projects endanger the continuity and profitability of the business. Projects often show an inconspicuous progress, until they suddenly run out of control in their final phase. The reasons for this development are complex and often outside of the implementation phase and are not detected by the reporting. Especially in the early phase of projects or even before the signing of the contract risks are accepted unwittingly or they are simply ignored. Their relevance and explosiveness become apparent only in the course of the project. The resulting losses can sum up to the level of magnitude of the whole project value.

A fatal characteristic of this situation is that the managers in charge for the project tend to deny the problems until it's too late. Stress-Tests and Reviews at critical milestones of the project are a highly lucrative investment.

The services range from the offer phase to the project conclusion.

Only some examples:

  • Bid / Proposal review
  • Contract support and contract analysis
  • Setup of financing with public authorities
  • Cash Flow Optimisation
  • Interface management
  • Management of risks instead of their administration
  • Claim- and contract management outward and inward
  • Controlling of consortial civil works activities
  • Time Scheduling and Process Analysis
  • Project review
  • Coaching of project management
  • Process optimisation
  • Milestone review
  • Setup of customer related documentation requirements
  • Mediation within a consortium or in case of conflicts with your customer or supplier
  • Consultancy for arbitration or adjudication

It will be our pleasure to support your assessment of the services that will optimally support your business.